Saturday, November 29, 2014

2014 Fall Season, week 6

November 8, 2014

This week's harvest:
Sweet Potatoes
Assorted Winter Squash

This week's farm news:

Well, folks, this basket wraps up the fall share! We can't believe how quickly the weeks went by! We hope you enjoyed the season...

Just after we finished up the week's harvest, we drove the truck down to the house. Eric mentioned the truck was acting a little funny. So, we tried to fire it up again to investigate and something went kaput! (We're guessing the alternator.) So we put in a call to our mechanic and a tow truck driver - fortunately, Eric had backed the truck into its spot making the tow truck driver's job so much easier! Anyhoo, we had to quickly shift gears and pack up the mini van for market. Normally, this would not be a big deal - some of us would just stay home to ease the packing job in the smaller space of the van. But... today is the Elves Faire at the Waldorf School and the kids look so forward to this event all year and they just wouldn't hear of missing it! So with a little strategy I was able to cram it all in! We were hoping to bring y'all extra sweet potatoes today since it's the last week but just couldn't fit the extra. So if you need some, come on up to the farm for a visit!

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