Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Eggs this Saturday

We are coming to the West Nashville Farmers Market indoor location again with eggs, sweet potatoes, and maybe, just maybe, a few greens. We will be there from 10-12 this Saturday, March 31st. If you need directions visit We have an abundance of eggs so we hope your egg appetites are raging. And maybe you want some for Easter? The grass got really green. The bugs are out. That means extra good eggs. These birds are in chicken heaven here on this farm!

Hen Eggs: $5/dozen or $4.50/dozen for shareholders. 5 dozen for $20 (available to everyone this time). They keep very well for several months.

Ira's Duck Eggs: $7/dozen. $4/half dozen. $1/egg. He has about 15 dozen available.

Sweet Potatoes: $1/Lb. We have plenty so don't be shy.

Maybe Kale: $3/bag. We are super busy right now and short-handed so no promises.

Please let us know what you want (by email at or phone at 270-457-BUGS). Remember we won't come again for at least three weeks so buy plenty of eggs. Buy some for your friends too!

2012 Veggie Shares: we can take about 6 more folks and then we're full.

Lastly, if you haven't seen our new website and blog you should check it out. There are some sweet pictures of our children.

O.K., let us know what you want by Friday afternoon.
And yes, it's OK to show up without a reply if you're after eggs.

Thank you!!