Saturday, December 21, 2013

Not here today

[Again, so sorry for the late posting. Hopefully this will still be useful, somehow... -Liz]

Howdy again, friends,

We are so sorry for stringing you along with promises of our coming to town with vegetables and eggs... but, much to our dismay, we can't economically justify a trip in to Nashville. So, so sorry. At this point, with the hustle and bustle of the holidays upon us, we really don't know when we will next come to town! We just hope y'all stock-piled enough sweet potatoes to make it through!!!

We wish you all a fabulous holiday season filled to the brim with warmth and light...


Cher & Eric

Sunday, December 15, 2013

2014 Shares Available

Hey friends! Cher just got finished updating the website with the new Share Form. There is a slight price increase on all shares. It's been about 5 years since we've had to make an increase. It's only about $1/week more. Our input costs have been on the rise. Thanks for your understanding!

We're sending this out now as a reminder that from now until February 15 we offer the "early bird" discount. Click here to download a Share Form.

And it's a great time to purchase a Share as a holiday and new year's gift for a friend!!! If you would like Cher can custom-make an official Bugtussle Farm Gift Card to present to your lucky recipient. Just let us know! (Secretly, I think she's excited about the little project!)

Miss you all and hope you'll join us for another season!


Not here this Saturday (yesterday)

[So sorry to be getting this posted late, but it has good information, so I'm still posting it:]

Sorry folks but no vegetables again this week. Here's why. We really only have our storage crops: butternuts, sweet potatoes, & yukon gold potatoes. The greens in the garden, which we just spent time assessing in the garden, are looking too wimpy due to the below 20 degree nights that we've been consecutively having.

Long story short: it's not looking like an economically sound decision this week.

Hopefully, by the time we actually do make the journey you all will have run out of your taters and squash and will be REALLY hungry enough to buy a quantity of them!

We'll update next week...

Friday, December 6, 2013

Not at the market this Saturday

Just a quick note that we will not be attending the indoor farmers market this coming Saturday the 7th. If all goes well we may come on the 14th. If so, we will let you know.

We miss seeing you all! If ever you just can't take the Bugtussle munchies any longer you're always welcome to come out to the farm and stock up. We have butternuts, sweet potatoes, potatoes, kale, collards, and arugula.

Your farmers and friends,

Eric, Cher, Ira, Opal, Olivia and Jesse and Hannah