Friday, December 14, 2012

Not coming this week

Greetings friends! Looks like we will NOT be coming to the farmer's market again this week... I suppose we enjoyed our Saturday home so much last week that we want to do it again! Really, though, the days are whizzing past and we have lots of projects on our plate, and holiday travels will soon be upon us, so we're feeling the urge to stay put on the farm for right now. We have lots of greens remaining in the garden and, of course, sweet potatoes in storage, if any of you want to come HERE for a veggie fix, we'd be most happy to have you! And since we won't be seeing you for a while, don't forget that our early-bird discount for next season's share only lasts through January! (Small share/ $375; Medium share/ $625)

So, many blessings to you all, have a warm and cozy holiday season, and we'll see you sometime in the New Year!

Your farmer family,

Eric, Cher, Ira, Opal, and Olivia

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Not coming to town this week

Just a note that we will not be coming to market this Saturday. We are sorry for any disappointment. It's too much for us to manage this week. We'll plan on coming next Saturday (15th) if all goes well.

But don't let us stop you from going to market in the meantime! There's plenty good there!

Cher and Eric