Saturday, July 7, 2012

2012 Season, week 10

July 7, 2012

This week's harvest:
"Rescued" Sweet Peppers
Hot Peppers

This week's farm news:

Well, folks, as of this writing still no rain here on the farm. Our "town" just 8 miles away received an inch and we got about 12 drops, no joke. We are beginning to see some heat and water stress in the garden. The second planting of corn just couldn't even produce ears. Our sweet peppers are loaded with big green fruit but are getting severely sun-burned (so we basically stripped the plants of most of their fruit, bringing you the ones in OK shape - thus, "rescued" peppers.) And when we were digging potatoes this week, we noticed a fair number that were they are literally cooking in the hot soil. Not good. But the tomatoes are sure hanging in there, which is good news! And our melons that are ripening right now (and should be in your baskets next week) will likely be incredibly sweet. Our young planting of melons are still growing vigorously and beginning to vine out. And those butternuts we planted last week - nearly 100% germination!

As I'm writing this, I am keeping an eye to the sky watching a bank of clouds to the northeast, maybe (strangely) even moving this way! Needless to say, I am hopeful.

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