Saturday, June 30, 2012

2012 Season, week 9

June 30, 2012

This week's harvest:
The Very First Tomatoes!
"Kennebec" Potatoes
"Candy" Sweet Onions
Sweet Corn
Lettuce ("Deer Tongue" or "Jericho")
Zucchini &/or Yellow Squash
Hot Peppers

This week's farm news:

Well, if it wasn't fairly obvious, the week was a scorcher. We did our best to avoid working out in the gardens and pastures during the hottest part of the day, choosing instead to stand up to our necks in the cool swirling current at the creek. (An ice-cold beer in hand was certainly an added bonus!)

We planted our butternut squash crop this week and I think for the first time ever in our growing history, we watered-in the seeds. Eric pushed the seeds a couple of inches deep in the soil to try to reach some moisture and then stepped on the spot with his bare heel to firm that moist soil against the seed. Then I followed right behind him with the watering can, giving each seed a little sprinkle before covering the spot with dry soil to trap the moisture below. If we don't get a good rain sometime soon, keep your fingers crossed that our little method works!

Have a happy Fourth of July!

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