Saturday, August 7, 2010

2010 Season, Week Thirteen

August 7, 2010 newsletter

This week's harvest:

Tomatoes - mixed heirloom
Sweet Peppers
Sweet Corn
Hot Peppers
Yellow Beans
Patty Pan Squash
Okra for small shares, Eggplant for medium shares
& a Zinnia

This week's farm news:

The hot weather is unrelenting!!! We had a few days off feeling exasperated and exhausted as we watched huge storm systems pass through just to our north (so close that we even felt the wind!) and then later one passed just to our south. We did receive about 1/10" of rain this week but when it's in the mid to upper nineties every day, 1/10" doesn't last very long. Needless to say, we're really hoping for some rain & cooler weather!

This week's big accomplishment was getting the plastic on our high tunnel! Yes, finally! After what seems like an eternity, the high tunnel will be ready for planting this fall. (For those of you new to Bugtussle, a high tunnel is a big unheated greenhouse that can extend the growing season well into the winter months. We purchased the tunnel over two years ago & have very slowly been getting the thing assembled.) There are still some finishing touches to be completed, of course, but the thought of big crispy heads of lettuce in January should be enough inspiration to push ahead to the finish!

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