Saturday, August 14, 2010

2010 Season, Week Fourteen

August 14, 2010 newsletter

This week's harvest:

Yellow Beans
Sweet Peppers
Hot Peppers
Assorted Melons
Patty Pan Squash - free choice

This week's farm news:

We celebrated Eric's birthday on Tuesday by taking a mini family vacation to nearby Barren River State Park. The crew took care of all the farm work & chores for two days so that we could take a much-needed relaxation break. (Even though we live in paradise, we haven't yet mastered the art of taking "time off" while still being on the farm... If we're home we're working on something!) We stayed at the lodge at the park and, admittedly enjoyed being able to hole up in an air-conditioned room. While we were away, the crew not only kept up with all chores, they canned tomatoes, processed basil, harvested any ripe produce, & continued garden work in preparation for fall planting! Eric & I feel unbelievably lucky to be able to leave the crew at the steamy hot farm & come home feeling refreshed and seeing all sorts of work was accomplished also! We're lucky & we know it!

Thank you Ben, Jesse, & Beth for letting us take a break! Now they are successfully practiced for our 10-day vacation in September!

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