Sunday, July 18, 2010

2010 Season, Week Ten

July 17, 2010 newsletter

This week's harvest:

Patty Pan Squash
Hot Peppers
Red Peppers or Zucchini or Cucumbers (small shares choose one, medium shares choose two)
"Peace" Yellow Watermelons for medium shares

This week's farm news:
Wow! Here we are at week 10 already! Halfway through the main summer season! The season is really zooming along for us this year. The tomatoes are really (finally) coming in now as are the melons. Next week we should see the second crop of sweet corn, yellow wax beans, cucumbers, & many more watermelons. This week we gleaned the very first of the watermelons & there were just enough for the medium shares but, no worries, next week everyone will get one!

We had a big group of farmers & their interns visit the farm on Wednesday. There were about 40 folks in attendance. We are part of a regional group of farmers that host these events so that our interns have a chance to meet interns from other farms as well as have exposure to other farms' management practices. Eric took all the visitors on an extensive farm tour with a few demonstrations along the way... Like our method of soil block making; various cultivating tools & techniques; & of course he showed the way we move our animals to a new paddock on a daily (or twice daily) pasture rotation. We finished up the tour at the swimming hole where everyone got revived before eating a big potluck feast!

Sunday, July 25
Swimming & Potluck Picnic at Bugtussle

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