Saturday, July 3, 2010

2010 Season, Week Eight

July 3, 1010 newsletter

This week's harvest:

Sweet Corn
Broccoli &/or Red or Green Cabbage
Zucchini &/or Eggplant
Lettuce (Tom Thumb or Jericho)
Yellow Squash
Hot Peppers
Tomatoes (just the beginning!)

This week's farm news:

We had a little bit more rain move through our farm this week (2/10") and afer that the temperatures were drastically cooler than they had been. In fact, it was 54 degrees on our porch this morning. That's quite a change from last week when night-time temperatures never went below 70 degrees. It's so refreshing to not always feel sticky & coated in a layer of sweat!

The crew completed another round of garden cultivation this week after last week's heavy rainshower so the gardens look beautiful & well-tended. We have been enjoying our first tomatoes this week & made several small batches of salsa - one of our summertime staples! We're also enjoying the first round of sweet corn that you're getting in this week's basket. It was a fairly small patch so there's not a tremendous amount, nonetheless still a delicious treat. And a reminder... earworms love sweet corn as much as you & I, so if (when!) you find a worm in your corn just cut the tip off & you're good to go! (We use no chemicals in the growing of our crops & have found no feasible way to deter the hungry little critters.)

And finally, we would like to invite all of you to the farm on Sunday, July 25 for a potluck picnic/swimming party. Come for the day & see where your food is grown; meet the chickens, cows, sheep, pigs, turkeys, & ducks; & see our homestead where we live happily "off-the-grid", and, of course, we'll visit the swimming hole at the creek and share a delicious meal!

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Liz said...

If anyone is looking for something to do with the abundance of yellow crookneck squash, I had good luck with this recipe tonight, substituting the squash for the zucchini:
See what you think...