Saturday, October 17, 2009

2009 Fall Season, Week Two

Sorry! Out of town last week and forgot to make provisions to get the newsletter, so we'll start with week two of the fall share.

October 17, 2009

This week's harvest:
Sweet potatoes
Butternut squash
Bok choi
Choice between: Tuscan (Lacinato) kale, Kale, Collards, and Red Mustard

This week's farm news:
Well, we hate to complain about something as precious as rain but we've about been losing it during all of this dark, rainy, gloomy weather. We are absolutely craving some sunny, dry days! As soon as it clears off, however, the temperature is going to drop & the fact that our sweet potatoes are still in the ground is going to be a big issue. Early in the week when it wasn't raining quite as much, we did get some more sweet potatoes dug -- very slowly & all by hand as the garden is way too wet for the tractor -- but two thirds of the crop remain in the ground! We do our best to attempt to not get too frustrated but, ohhh, it's challenging!!! The good news is that during all of this rainy weather we've really been able to work on our cabin's addition and have actually moved into the new bedroom (the kitchen has a ways to go still). Just in the nick of time, too, as the new baby is due in just one more week! Time is flying! So it's likely in the coming weeks you will be seeing more of our smiling interns, Laura & Evan, than us but we're sure they will do a fine job of bringing y'all your veggies & the news from the farm...

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