Saturday, October 24, 2009

2009 Fall Season, Week Three

October 24, 2009

This week's harvest:
Chinese cabbage
Beets or Turnips
Daikon radish
Sweet potatoes
Butternut squash
Choose between: Kale, Collards, Red mustard

This week's farm news:

...For all of you who've been waiting the long nine months to hear the news...

Friday morning, at the break of day, Ira came rapping on our barn door and announced, "Um, Even and Laura, I have some special news...Cher had a baby...and she's a little girl."

At precisely 4:55 am Friday morning, a beautiful baby girl was born into the Smith family, weighing in at 8 lbs 2 oz. She has a thick mat of dark hair, long slender fingers, and a powerful set of lungs. Cher, Eric, Ira and Opal have since spent every moment gazing down on her with wide eyes and wonderment.

As for the rest of the farm, it was business as usual for a Friday harvest -- we got drenched in the rain picking Chinese cabbage, the sheep stampeded their fence, the cows ran loose in the field, and the water trough tipped and drained the tank -- but, all is mended, and we go to bed with weary bones and grateful hearts.

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