Sunday, June 14, 2009

2009 Season, Week Three

June 6, 2009 newsletter

This week's harvest:

shelling peas
lettuce -- "Deer Tongue," "Little Gem," &/or "Tom Thumb"
beet greens w/occasional beet
garlic "pigtails"
orach -- "Mountain Spinach"

This week's news:

It was another full week on the farm. We started off the week acclimating the baby turkeys to life on our farm... Life on the grass instead of in a brooder in a barn. We had a few die in the first couple of days but the rest seem to have adjusted & now they all seem happy & cheeping!

In the garden we transplanted tomatillos & the remainder of our sweet & hot peppers. We also planted a bunh of sweet potato slips (plants) which totaled over 2000 row feet of garden space. It was a scorching hot day, as it always seems to be when we're planting sweet potatoes, followed by another hot day before we got some rain on Wednesday... So we're probably going to need to replace some plants next week! And since a mouse was fixated on removing every single watermelon seed from our soil blocks in the green house (twice!) we wound up direct-seeding our watermelons into the garden & they are coming up nicely now! All this planting has quickly filled up the entire acre of our "new garden" so now we really need to put up a fence before the deer get a taste of all the goodies we've got planted. (Cart before horse?) We also welcomed three baby pigs to the farm scene this week! Needless to say our days have been full!

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