Sunday, June 14, 2009

2009 Season, Week Four

June 13, 2009

This week's harvest:

beets (eat the greens, too!)
swiss chard
shelling peas
anise hyssop &/or lemon balm

This week's news:

We started out the week by working on setting up the deer fence around the new acre garden. The task is almost complete aside from getting it hooked up to the solar electric charger & baiting it with apples & peanut butter to give the curious deer a little shock in the nose & keep them from venturing into the garden. Next we cultivated nearly all of the young crops in the garden -- and there's a lot right now! The plants always seem so happy & the gardens look so good after cultivation! We did a little more planting this week, too. We set out about 100 more late season tomato plants & about 150 eggplant. We also transplanted some melons & cucumbers. We direct seeded peanuts & a bed of parsnips, & we started our fall leeks in soil blocks. We have so much growing in the gardens right now but this week's harvest doesn't really reflect that unfortunately! There's just not a lot of diversity. Plan as we might, that's just the way timing sometimes works out! The summer crops are on their way & next week you should see the beginnings of squash & zucchini, some more beautiful lettuce, & maybe even some basil.

We had a few smaller rains early in the week & a big windy thunderstorm on Thursday morning & again on Thursday evening. The consistent moisture has been great for keeping our gardens growing, that's for sure! Thanks for going on this seasonal roller-coaster ride with us!!

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