Sunday, June 2, 2013

2013 Season, week 3

June 1, 2013

This week's harvest:
Mixed Lettuce
Swiss Chard
"Red Russian" Kale
"Hakurei" Salad Turnips
"Easter Egg" Radishes
Garlic Scapes ("Pigtails")
Spinach - free choice
Broccoli or Kohlrabi

This week's farm news:

The week was a busy one. So many things happened this week that I probably can't fit it all here. But the highlights of the week were a new calf, which we are bottle-feeding because the mama caw failed to bond with her. The calf seems healthy & strong, thankfully! We moved the two-month-old pullets (female chicks) "up on the hill" to be integrated with the older birds. We raise our poultry near our house so we can keep a closer eye on them at first... But our yard is small and with those 100-plus chicks, Ira's 40-plus ducks, 4 bottle lambs, a dog, & 3 children running around, our homestead was turning into a funny farm! So I was particularly happy to get the chicks on the pasture.

In the garden, we transplanted cucumbers, melons, and basil. We sowed lima beans and a cover crop of soybeans & buckwheat in prep for the fall garden. We started our late tomatoes, okra, and more summer lettuce in soil blocks. We mulched down a thick cover crop of vetch for those late tomatoes - giving the green matter time to decompose before we need to set out the plants. Jesse and Hannah staked and caged our main season tomatoes and, boy, do they look awesome! And Farmer Eric spent countless hours on the tractor this week cultivating and doing lots of ground preparation. He was pretty relieved for the Friday afternoon rains, giving him a forced and necessary rest! To see photos from the week, visit our blog!

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