Sunday, August 19, 2012

2012 Season, week 16

August 18, 2012

This week's harvest:
Sweet Peppers
Hot Peppers
Cucumbers - medium shares

This week's farm news

We had a few more nice and gentle rains this week. As lovely as they were and as much as we are not going to complain about wet weather, we were still not able to get in on the gardens with the tractor to work up more fall ground. We were able to do a light hand-cultivation of the fall crops that we do have growing - kale, arugula, red mustard, lettuce, and salad turnips. Our seedlings that we started last week are growing nicely and will be ready to set very soon (which is why we really need more garden space prepared!) Otherwise on the farm this week we spent a great deal of time hosting a string of lovely visitors. We had a visit from a sweet shareholder family that is about to move from Nashville to Alabama. We had a visit from a grazing specialist from the Conservation Service of TN. And we had a visit from our dear interns of last season, Jesse and Hannah. They are doing well and send love and hellos to all of you!

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