Saturday, May 19, 2012

2012 Season, week 3

May 19, 2012

This week's harvest:
"Red Sails" Lettuce
Swiss Chard
Radishes (just a few...)
Garlic Scapes ("Pigtails")
Assorted Herbs - your choice

This week's farm news:

Early in the week the farm was drenched with over 3" of rain. It was great to see the farm soaking wet as we had been on the dry side of things all through this spring. Just prior to the rain, Eric set out some watermelon transplants and seeded some muskmelons and zucchini. After the rain, when the soil had dried up a bit, Eric squeezed in some cultivation work before getting himself ready to go to a livestock grazing seminar near Chattanooga. He left early, early Friday morning - therefore missing out on this week's harvest! So I called in a couple of dear friends to be my harvest helpers and to assist me in bringing in this week's harvest. Eric's father (Gracious PapPap) also came to the farm (from PA) to help me with the children in Eric's absence. (So that I could actually get necessary work accomplished!) And now here at market I have two lovely shareholder assistants! Many, many thanks to all of you who lent a hand to give Eric the chance to go to his conference! (Hopefully, he'll have a nice little break from the farm, too!)

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