Saturday, November 19, 2011

Special Thanksgiving Basket

November 19, 2011

This week's harvest:

Green choice: Arugula, Green Mustard, Collards
Sweet Potatoes
Butternut Squash
Salad Turnips
Daikon Radish - free choice

This week's farm news:

It was a mostly quiet week here on the farm, aside from a small birthday party for little Miss Opal. It was especially quiet without Jesse and Hannah here. Boy, we sure miss them!

...And speaking of those two dears... They stopped by the farm on their way north to pick up the remainder of their things. We all had a lovely visit. Apparently, as they were leaving the farm they stopped by the gardens one last time to pick some veggies and, well, they also got engaged!!! Wow! Isn't that just the sweetest news! What a grand finale to their internships!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

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