Saturday, May 7, 2011

2011 Season, Week One

May 7, 2011

This week's harvest:

Lettuce (Cracoviensis & Deer Tongue)
Swiss Chard
Arugula - medium shares only this week
Lemon Balm
Sage with Edible Flowers

This week's farm news:

Well, hello again! Welcome to another season with Bugtussle CSA! This is our tenth season of bringing home-grown goodies to you all in Nashville - some of you folks have been with us for all those years. Wow! What a commitment! Some of you are just beginning your journey with Bugtussle! Thanks for your involvement & we hope you all enjoy the season!

We have two excellent interns with us on the farm currently. One more is due to arrive toward the end of the month. Jesse, who was a shining star for us last year is back for another season! (How did we get so lucky?) A big project for him this year is leading the development of a mid-week CSA pick-up in Gallatin at the new farmer's market there. Then there's Hannah, the sweet & quiet artist. She's originally from a small town in Kentucky but then moved to the big city of Chicago after college. Now she's decided the agrarian lifestyle of Bugtussle suits her more than life in the city. She is a welcome addition to our farm crew...if we can just keep our gregarious children from driving her insane.

The spring weather thus far has been wet, wet, wet. It's pretty challenging to stay on top of things with such short windows of opportunity for working in the garden. When it does dry up, your farmers will be busy!

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