Sunday, December 12, 2010

2010 Winter Share, Basket 2

December 11, 2010

This week's harvest:

Swiss Chard
Sweet Potatoes
Butternut Squash

This week's farm news:

The week was chilly. We had two mornings at 13 degrees on our front porch. It must have been cold because Ira actually put shoes on. The weatherman says it's supposed to be colder next week - maybe into the single digits. We'll see how the high tunnel crops survive that! Let's hope for the best because our plan is to be back in Nashville one last time for December next Saturday with veggies - we want you to be stocked up for the holidays!

So, with winter weather here now, we are reminded of our two biggest cold-weather challenges... #1 Keeping the livestock/chickens with water when the temperatures are so low. One tiny pocket of ice in a hose will stop the flow. Eric has literally spent years tinkering with our farm's water systems so is is pretty much a pro by now. Our #2 challenge is getting to the places we need to go on the farm. (Especially since our 4x4 truck is defunct.) Everything on our farm is uphill from our house. (Well, except the big creek, thankfully!) Many of the farm roads are rough and need repairing after the summer's crazy downpours/flooding. Well, Friday afternoon when in a hurry to fetch Eric from the fields, Cher got the van majorly stuck in a rut. But, thanks to good neighbors, 4x4 trucks, and chains, we were able to make it here today. Whew!

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