Thursday, October 7, 2010

2010 Fall Share, Week One

October 2, 2010 newsletter

This week's farm harvest:

Swiss Chard
Salad Turnips
Red & Yellow Sweet Peppers
Hot Peppers
Butternut Squash
Thelma Sanders &/or Sweet Dumpling Winter Squash

This week's farm news:

The week's weather was gorgeous - crisp, dry, & cooler but still pleasantly warm in the sun. Perfect autumn weather to herald the beginning of this season's fall share. The crew had a super productive week. They dug all of the sweet potatoes (about 130 baskets), sorted them, hauled them out of the field, & packed them into the greenhouse for curing. (Curing is what makes a sweet potato sweet!) This year's harvest was so speedy & efficient! Especially compared to last year when the rain wouldn't stop & the soil got wetter & wetter & we eventually had to give up on waiting for the perfect conditions & hand dig for them in the mud... Every year is a different story!!

This weekend is the annual Biodynamic Farming Conference at Long Hungry Creek Farm (home of the barefoot farmer Jeff Poppen) that we participate in every year. On Sunday afternoon any interested conference attendees can make the short trek to Bugtussle for a tour of our farm. This gives visitors to this region a chance to see more of this beautiful KY/TN landscape!

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