Saturday, September 4, 2010

2010 Season, Week Seventeen

September 4, 2010 newsletter

This week's harvest:

Sweet Red & Yellow Peppers
Hot Peppers
Garlic & Onions
Green Beans or Yellow Squash for medium shares

This week's farm news:

It was a fairly quiet week. The temperatures have been dropping into the lower 50's at night. The leaves are dropping from the walnut trees. I say this every year but, mercy, the seasons pass so quickly.

Eric & crew cultivated the fall crops this week - all the while cursing the *$*!@*!! grasshoppers. They are voracious little things! But, they are on the menu for next week. We hope that if we turn the tables & shift their status from garden predator to prey, maybe they will leave us alone.

The high tunnel project is nearly complete. The goal is to add compost to the soil next week, till the soil to prepare for planting, & then we'll be ready to set transplants when we get home from our family vacation in a few weeks! Yeah! The light at the end of the "tunnel" (ha) for winter greens!

The most exciting event on the farm this week was hearing Ira's joy at finding his ducks' first few eggs!

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