Friday, May 21, 2010

2010 Season, Week One

May 15, 2010 newsletter

This week's harvest:
Swiss Chard
Lettuce (lettuce mix &/or head lettuce)
Green Garlic

This week's farm news:

Howdy once again lovely vegetable eaters! Welcome to another season with Bugtussle! Despite severe floods & unseasonably late frosts, we are gearing up for an awesome CSA season - our ninth! We are excited about this new venue here at Richland Park and hopeful that we can adjust to the new scene quickly to minimize, as gardeners would say, "transplant shock". Please keep us informed about how the new market is working for you!

We've got a super intern crew lined-up for the season. There's Jesse, Ben, & Nadia who are on the farm already & Beth who is arriving in about 10 days. You'll be learning more about these fine folks over the course of the season. Because we've accepted more season-long interns than we've ever had, we've been working on remodeling the barn to create more living spaces. So the barn is getting a new life as the "Intern Headquarters"!

Jesse, who is with us today, formerly lived in Brooklyn, NY & worked in a boutique wine shop that specialized in organic & biodynamic wines. Every week he'll be recommending a wine to pair with our "recipe of the week".

Otherwise, we've been busy on the farm planting & transplanting , cultivating & weeding, tending baby plants & baby chicks, watching tiny white lambs frolic on the bright green grass, & eating fresh delicious salads straight from the garden... ahhhh, Spring!

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