Friday, April 16, 2010

See us this Saturday at Earth Day and the Meetinghouse

Bugtussle Farm will be at the Nashville Earth Day Celebration (Centennial Park) this Saturday from 11-7 in the farmer's section. Please stop by and say hello. We will also be at the meetinghouse from 9:15 to 10:15 with eggs ($4.50/doz or 5 doz for $20).

Please remember this is the last month for regular share prices; they will go up by $25 after May 1. We are still running our referral special ($50 off a fall share or 10 dozen eggs for anyone you refer for a small share; $100 off a fall share or 20 dozen eggs for a medium share) for the remainder of April.

See you Saturday!

1 comment:

Wander Gal said...

Great to meet you at Earth Day. I am so happy to have an Egg Guy. Cracking open the first egg was like releasing sunshine. Can't believe people actually think egg yokes are dull yellow. Totally thrilled! Thanks, Rochelle