Saturday, September 26, 2009

2009 Season, Week Nineteen

September 26, 2009
This week's harvest:
Arugula or red mustard
Acorn squash
Peppers -- sweet, mild, & hot
This week's farm news:
We had a great time at the beach on vacation. It took us a while to relax into relaxing, but fishing proved to be an excellent way for us to get the feeling that we were still working for our food. We ate lots of fish & shrimp & crabs but sorely missed all of the fresh greens in our garden! The crew did a fine job of tending the farm & managing last week's delivery. We owe them a huge amount of thanks for making it possible for us to "get away". As with any time we leave the farm, the crew had to face some challenges & we've got some chapters to add to our farm storybook -- but our house is still standing...
As with most of the South right now, there is no shortage of moisture on the farm & it just started raining again as I write this. We are seeing some signs in the garden of excess moisture so we are really longing for some dry, sunny weather!
So next week is the last "Main Season" delivery. If you are not continuing with the fall share, please bring your basket back to us & also bring a bag to put your veggies into (we'll also have bags in case you forget).
Thank you!

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