Friday, July 3, 2009

2009 Season, Week Six

June 27, 2009

This week's harvest:

"Jericho" lettuce
"Yellow crookneck" squash
"Eightball" zucchini
"Walla Walla" sweet onions

This week's news:

The summer heat has really kicked in now! Despite the heat, we tackled some big projects this week. Right around the summer solstice each year we pull the garlic crop out of the ground. Harvesting the garlic was top priority this week! We managed to pull it, cut the tops off, and put it up in the barn loft all in the course of one day. Boy, the crew was tired and ready for a swim in the creek after that! During the next few days, the "seed" garlic that we'll be planting in the fall (the really big bulbs) was sorted out and the rest is for eating! And what a treat it is to eat this fresh, juicy garlic right out of the ground! Enjoy!

We also got hot and sticky taking a look inside our beehive this week. Our apprentice from Canada is leaving this weekend and she had a particular interest in checking out the bees. So on Thursday we opened up the hive to take a look. After several stings and a lot of sweat, we all got to have a little taste of the bees' sweet treat. Yummy! A big thank you goes out to Rachel for all of her hard work on the farm during this past month!

And finally, on Friday after harvest, we set a bunch of transplants (melons, squash, and lettuce) and received the blessing of an afternoon thunderstorm! Ahhhhh!

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